The Plastics department at Melchers has gained international reputation through years of specialization and experience in the marketing, installation, commissioning and servicing of plastic machinery. We do not only provide pre- and after sales services, but further hold spare part stocks as well as demo-units. 


Melchers  represents the ENGEL group in the Philippines since more than two decades.  ENGEL  is the world’s largest manufacturer of injection moulding machines and one of the world’s leading plastics processing machine manufacturers.  As the world market leaders, ENGEL offers its customers integrated system solutions. This means, injection moulding technology from a single source; machine, mould project engineering, automation, process, training and service are all perfectly integrated with ENGEL.

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EREMA Engineering Recycling Maschinen und Anlagen Ges.m.b.H. is the world's market leader in the development and production of plastics recycling systems and components of the finest quality. Over 4000 EREMA systems around the globe now produce more than 14 million tonnes of plastic pellets every year. EREMA is an international pioneer and one of the most innovative companies in the plastics recycling industry.

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Hosokawa Alpine is one of the global leaders in the field of blown film extrusion technology for the manufacture of thin plastic films and offers complete systems from one single source: from resin supply systems to film winders, from mono die heads to 11-layer lines, from speed regulators to state-of-the-art process control. And with Alpine's film orientation lines, there are now complete systems available for film finishing.

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We provide robust and compact sheet extrusion lines, thermoforming machines and auxiliary equipment that are used across multiple industries such as food packaging, automotive, exposure articles and research.  The thermoforming machines can be synchronized with our sheet extrusion lines to form a complete, inline production plant for various materials and disposables. There is also the possibility of utilizing one of our sheet extrusion lines with a third party thermoforming machine.

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Frigel is supplying integrated, modular central cooling systems that are custom-engineered to optimize performance for various applications in different environments. Frigel is offering innovative technical leadership to help customers to move beyond conventional cooling towers and central chilling systems and achieve better results in efficiency, water use, uptime and significant savings on running centralized industrial cooling systems.

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Melchers offers  Brabender’s quality machines that assist our clients in the production and processibility testing of a wide variety of plastic materials. The product line from Brabender includes instruments for single units or complete test lines, measuring mixers, single extruders, twin-screw compounder and downstream equipment. Let Melchers convince you how Brabender’s equipment can enhance the quality and consistency of your plastic processing systems.

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