Melchers Philippines has been the sole distributor for Domino’s Continuous Inkjet Coders (CIJ’s), Laser Coders and Large Character Coders (OCC) since 2005. Domino is a world leading manufacturer and technology leader of ink jet coders, laser coders, thermal ink jet, thermal transfer and print & apply systems. Founded in 1978, Domino Printing Sciences plc, has established a global reputation for the continual development and manufacture of its total coding and printing technologies that meet the needs of manufacturers and sets new industry standards in quality and reliability.
Operating with true global scale across a diverse industry base, including food, beverage, pharmaceutical and multiple industrial product groups, Domino Printing Sciences plc provides customers with proven solutions built upon years of extensive experience.

With our dedicated sales team and our experienced Technical Service Group (TSG), Melchers Philippines provides solutions to print the highest quality alphanumeric and graphic codes including bar codes, 2D data matrix and QR codes onto a variety of diverse substrates in all industries. 

Continuous Inkjet Printers - Gp Range

The GP range of reduces your costs while meeting your basic coding needs – “VALUE WITHOUT COMPROMISE.

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Continuous Inkjet Printers - I-tech Range

The i-tech range of printer provide the lowest cost of ownership for all types of industries and applications. “USES LESS. DOES A LOT MORE.”

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Continuous Inkjet Printers - Specialist Range

The Specialist range allows for highly specific applications and complex integration. “SPECIALIST PRINTERS FOR SPECIFIC APPLICATIONS”.

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Drop On Demand Valve Jet Printers (Carton & Case Coders)

Large character printers for simple and cost-effective coding onto outer cases, trays and sacks. “PERFORMANCE, EFFIENCY AND FLEXIBILITY”.

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Laser Coders (Dseries – Itech)

Compact and flexible Lasers that are designed to fit even the smallest of spaces. “THE OPTIMUM COMBINATION OF SMALL FOOTPRINT AND BIG BENEFIT”.

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