Construction and Mining

Melchers Philippines represents various European principals manufacturing first-class technical solutions for the precast industry and offers custom made plants to  local real estate developers and construction companies.

{"fieldsets":[{"properties":[{"alias":"textbox_Headline","value":"PRODUCTION OF CONCRETE BLOCKS, PAVERS, KERBSTONES AND MORE"},{"alias":"textbox_Text","value":"<p><span>The French manufacturer </span><a href=\"\" target=\"blank&quot;\"><strong>Quadra </strong></a><span>designs and builds machines and complete plants for the concrete industry. <br /><br /></span></p>\n<p><span>The company has a wide range of machines from semi-automatic version up to fully automatic high capacity units. All machines are polyvalent and able to produce blocks, pavers, and kerbs and any kind of custom-made products. <br /><br /></span></p>\n<p><span>Ask us about automating your most labor intensive operations. Let us introduce you to our automated production of wet-cast concrete elements as well as specialized manufacturing machinery for unique products.<br /><br /></span></p>\n<p><span>Melchers Philippines is the exclusive agent of Quadra in the Philippines.</span></p>"},{"alias":"textbox_Image","value":"../../img/products/quadra.jpg"}],"alias":"textbox"},{"properties":[{"alias":"textbox_Headline","value":"PRODUCTION OF TWO DIMENSIONAL AND STRUCTURAL PRECAST CONCRETE ELEMENTS"},{"alias":"textbox_Text","value":"<p><a href=\"\" target=\"blank&quot;\"><strong>Weckenmann</strong> </a><span>is a global leader in the planning and construction of precast concrete plants.</span><br /><br /><span>The company's products include the setting up of turnkey plants, pallet circulation systems, concrete conveyors and distributors, tilting tables, battery moulds and shuttering systems.</span><br /><br /><span>For customers entering precast for the first time, Weckenmann offers a range of valuable support services including factory planning and design, factory management support, feasibility studies, financing solutions and more.</span><br /><br /><span>Melchers Philippines is the exclusive agent of Weckenmann in the Philippines.</span></p>"},{"alias":"textbox_Image","value":"../../img/products/weckenmann.jpg"}],"alias":"textbox"},{"properties":[{"alias":"textbox_Headline","value":"MINING INDUSTRY"},{"alias":"textbox_Image","value":"../../img/products/mining.jpg"},{"alias":"textbox_Text","value":"<p><span>When it comes to mineral resources, the Philippines is considered the fifth richest country in the world with major deposits in gold, copper and nickel.  Melchers Philippines started it’s activities in the Mining &amp; Exploration Industry in 2008 and since then became a trusted supplier &amp; service provider to local exploration companies as well as underground &amp; open pit mining operations.</span></p>\n<p><span>We offer the following products to the mining &amp; exploration industry:</span></p>\n<p><span>-<span>          </span></span><span>Surface Coring drilling rigs</span></p>\n<p><span>-<span>          </span></span><span>Underground Coring drilling rigs</span></p>\n<p><span>-<span>          </span></span><span>Wireline Coring systems</span></p>\n<p><span>-<span>          </span></span><span>Diamond Casing Shoes</span></p>\n<p><span>-<span>          </span></span><span>Diamond Drilling bids</span></p>\n<p><span>-<span>          </span></span><span>Drilling rods</span></p>\n<p><span>-<span>          </span></span><span>Hardrock tools</span></p>\n<p><span>-<span>          </span></span><span>High Performance lubricants for ball mills and open gear applications</span></p>"}],"alias":"textbox"}]}